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Hot Yoga truly is the fountain of youth. It will keep you young, flexible, strong and agile as well as mentally sharp and spiritually aware for the rest of your life.
“The highest consciousness is born of an awakening soul, we are all on this path”

 Care and Feeding of Your New Yoga Body
What if I’m not flexible? Have no fear!
This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to yoga class.
Yoga is not about how flexible and fit you are
but how flexible and fit you will become.
The most important aspect of hot yoga is that you do your best to reach
your goals each time you come.

Before class drink plenty of water; come hydrated so you’ll have the fuel and energy to continue your practice. Drink during and after your practice as well
This cannot be emphasized enough!

Please don’t eat 2 hours before class. If you need a little something choose fruit, vegetables or yogurt but no later than 1 1/2 hours prior to class. Your stomach needs to be empty (not trying to digest) when you’re working so hard.

After Class Replenish: Be sure to put back what you’ve lost in sweat and exercise.
Within the first 20 minutes after class take electrolytes. Coconut water is best,
Emer’gen-C and V8 are good too, we sell them here or you can bring them from home.
 What to Bring /Wear

Bring a large beach towel, 2 small hand towels, a yoga mat and a large drinking water
(we also sell or rent these)
An optional extra towel for showering in our hot  indoor and outdoor private showers, Wear something you’d wear to the gym to workout in, Come ready to sweat, laugh and work hard – bring a friend!
Welcome to Hot Yoga At Sunrise

See You In Class,
Bobby, Robin, Patti, Jenna, Malissa, Angela, Erin, Kerry