Bobby Carpenterbobby

Bobby’s style of teaching is fun yet challenging whether it’s his Bikram or  Core Power class, you’ll find time to  laugh while creating those abs of steel and the balance of a ballerina!

2015-08-08-20-28-36Robin Carpenter

Robin will get you going with a rock solid Bikram class that’s serious about it’s Bikram! Come relax and restore with a beautiful Yin practice ending with the amazing singing bowls. Robin Combines Yoga and Spirituality with a pinch of humor and push!

pattiPatti Mueller

Patti teaches Bikram yoga integrating deep knowledge and amazing dialog and alignment techniques. Her expertise in this sequence is second to none. The challenge of mastering the postures will keep you always striving to do your best.


jenna3-copy-3Jenna Elkington

One of our most versatile teachers, Jenna can teach anything!
An expert in Fusion Flow, Core Power, Yin and Bikram she will lead you into your best posture assisting the novice students as well as challenging the most advanced. Come to all of her classes and become the best that you can be!

Malissa Doe

2015-11-22 09.37.15
I took my first yoga class in 2010 and was immediately in love. I didn’t know then, but I now know that the practice was holding a mirror up to myself, allowing me to recreate and sculpt a beautiful relationship with myself. That self love and acceptance spills out to every aspect of my  life. By simply spending an hour or two a day on my mat, I was learning tools to walk lightly through life offering love and joy to those around me. Mediation has always been a huge part of my life, and yoga added to my meditation practice. I have a very strong background in nutrition, and yoga compliments a nutritious lifestyle , by being mindful of how to take care of myself from the inside out. I have spent the last 4 years marrying yoga and nutrition, offering others the experience I have to anyone who wants it. In 2015 I finished my 200 hour RYT focusing on Vinyassa .

As a yoga instructor I want to offer my students an environment that fosters self love.
I want to extend any knowledge or experience I have that has enriched my life so that, hopefully, their lives can become saturated by love. I want my students to develop a relationship with their bodies in which they can appreciate and honor their unique selves, and treat it accordingly.

Angela Cowham

2015-08-20-08-04-18Angela started practicing yoga a little more than five years ago. She tried out several studios before making Hot Yoga At Sunrise her “one and only” in late 2012. For quite a while Angela took only the Bikram practice before venturing to other styles and realizing her favorite was Yin. Yin has been the perfect complement to Angela’s other physical activities of running and high intensity workouts. The Fusion Sculpt class beautifully blends the deep release of yin and the power and intensity of a healthy active lifestyle creating the perfect inspiration to teach the Fusion Sculpt Class.

Angela has passed on her love of yoga to her husband and young son. It’s not uncommon to find the three of them practicing together on a weekend morning before they head out for a bike ride on the trail.

Erin Gschweng

Erin’s Joy, fun and knowledge will create an amazing Bikram experience any time you get a chance to catch her class. Erin teaches the Bikram and Vinyasa on Sundays. Come to her lively classes, you’ll be glad you did!

Kerry Cataline is an awesome Bikram and Yin teacher,  Come get your Bikram on at 6:30pm on Thursday’s with Kerry!