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Hot Yoga at Sunrise

Special Notice: In order to support the efforts of our community in preventing the spread of Coronavirus, we have decided to cancel all classes temporarily. Join our mailing list or check back here to be notified of when they will be resuming. 
 All auto-debits will be suspended until we are open again for classes.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

We have Video's available on our VIDEO'S Link; 
We are now  accepting donations (please click here to  donate)
Thank you for your generosity and support

 Be Well, Be Happy -Yoga on until
we meet again.


Be all that you can be, Be a Hot Yogi!
“Its Not How Flexible and Fit You Are –
It’s How Flexible and Fit You Will Become”

Big Thanks to Our Amazing Yoga Community we’re so honored to be a part of your life! We Love You Hot Yogi’s, **Yoga On!**

Hot Yoga At Sunrise Open since April  9, 2005

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**Special  Offer**
Affordable Yoga for Everyone!
Unlimited Yoga $69 month
(auto debit, 30 day written notice) 
Best Deal in Town!

New Student Special
2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga $20
       Be all that you can be, Be a Hot Yogi!

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5 POSESAll Our Classes Are Hot!core yoga 
Benefits of Hot Yoga…
Hot Yoga Strengthens, Reshapes & Heals the Body Increases Energy, Balance Flexibility

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Concentration & Co-ordination, Reduces Stress, Strengthens the Mind, Cleanses Every System In the Body, Creates a Beautiful Body Inside and Out

Hot yoga at Sunrise is a 60 to 90 minute practice in a heated room with 30-60% humidity. You’ll love the hard work and the wonderful feeling you’ll have after class.
It’s a great workout but even more important a wonderful way to heal, reshape and
reconnect with your body mind and spirit.  Results come quickly to those who practice
at least 3-4 times a week, have fun, work hard, be healthy.

10 year anniversary web

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See You In Class!

Hot Yoga At Sunrise   4009 Bridge Street, Fair Oaks Ca
916 631-7749
We’ve been open and serving our yoga community
since  April 9, 2005! Namaste’