Covid-19 Student Information

We are opening the studio for limited classes and class sizes
Starting August 1st. Please check our Mind Body schedule. 
The class sizes have been small, no need to pre-register.
 Come early, we are only allowing 10 students for now.
See you in class!
If you would like to continue doing yoga in the comfort of your home, 
anytime day or night, please call for access to our online video library 
 Bobby 916 631-7749 or Robin 916 705-3427

To Comply with Covid-19 Guidelines Here’s Some Changes We’ve Adapted…

Please do not come if you have a fever, cough or shortness
of breath, or if you have traveled outside the US in the past 14 days.
Your health is our main priority. You can feel safe knowing we wipe down and sanitize all surfaces after each class and have surface wipes and hand sanitizer for your use.
Please keep in mind social distancing and frequent hand washing
 are key – we thank you for honoring these guidelines.

Social Distancing and  Signing Up for Classes Online 

      1. All students are now required to sign up for classes online.
        Please see our Online Registration  link to help you get started.
        Once you are familiar with our new registration protocol, you may log in online using  our  Online Classes and Reservations link .
      2. Please remember if you need to cancel, please cancel at least 2 hours before class to make room for students on the waitlist.  Keep in mind there is only room for 10 students with social distancing. If you fail to come or cancel your reserved class you may be charged $10.
      3. Please arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before class.
        If you arrive later than 5 minutes before class – students that are on the waitlist will be awarded your spot.
      4. The door will be locked when class begins, no late arrivals please.  

  Housekeeping and General Information

 We are asking all of our students that use equipment; blocks, straps, small floor cushions, weights, medicine balls, bolsters etc. to please bring your own if at all possible. If you don’t have them or don’t want to purchase them we have them at the studio to borrow. If you bring your own equipment you can leave it at the studio in a small cubby or bin, place  your name on the bin and place it on the shelf in the woman’s changing room. (for men under the bench in the men’s changing room.) Remember bringing and storing equipment is
optional but preferred.

  1. If you use our equipment, please place it near the area you found it so we can clean and sanitize it.
  2. Unfortunately you will no longer be able to store your mats at the studio 
  3. After class please take your mat outside, hang it on the railing and spray it off
    with our Sanitizer Spray and please take it home.
  4. Any rental mats should be left on the studio floor for the teacher to sanitize.
  5. If you forget your towel and need to rent one: please take a plastic bag (provided in the bench with the rental towels), after class put the rental towel in the bag and place it in the laundry in the woman’s changing room.
    (men can just hand us the bag or put it in the front office area.)
  6. There’s facial tissue to use on the doorknob before you enter the studio.
    (It’s in the cubby with the waters we sell.) We are poviding sanitizer spray for your mats and sanatizer gel for your hands. If you touch something please be mindful to wipe it down.
  7.  Please allow the teacher only to open the windows. 
  8. We are asking all students to stay until final savasana is over.
  9. If you would like to use the shower please supply a towel and wait until final savasana is over before you take a shower. No rushing out of class unless you have to. If you have to leave early please let the teacher know when you come in and put your mat near the door so you can leave quietly or come when you have more time to complete the full class.

We understand these precautions and all the new things you have to be aware of can be a lot. We are just trying to keep everyone safe and happy.  

See You In Class!!