In order to continue to serve our beautiful yoga community we are
now accepting donations. we have several options available online at
Hot Yoga At Sunrise - Donations

 We would like to thank our wonderful students that have continued their auto pay throughout these difficult times. If your inspired please call us at 916 631-7749 or email us at Thank You!

Please get whatever you need to support yourself in practice.
A belt works great instead of a strap, a couple books can work for a block,
a pillow works instead of a bolster, be creative!


 60 min. Core with Bobby with Elise 


90 min. Yin with Robin and Malissa


60 min. Hot 26 with Patti and Elise


60 min. Sculpt with Melinda


90 min. Hot 26 with Bobby and Robin (Daisy)

Yin and Sound Healing with Kerry, Cara, Malissa and Ursula
(unfortunately this is only a partial class)
update coming soon

90 min. Slow Flow with Malissa, Elise and Erin