Bobby Carpenterbobby

Bobby’s style of teaching is fun yet challenging whether it’s his Hot 26 or  Core Power class, you’ll find time to  laugh while creating those abs of steel and the balance of a ballerina!

2015-08-08-20-28-36Robin Carpenter

Robin will get you going with a rock solid Hot 26 class that’s serious about it’s Bikram Style! Come relax and restore with a beautiful Yin practice ending with the amazing singing bowls. Please join her for Fusion Sculpt  weekday mornings and Saturdays. Robin Combines Yoga and Spirituality with a pinch of humor and push!


Patti Mueller


Patti teaches The Hot 26 yoga integrating deep knowledge and amazing dialog and alignment techniques. Her expertise in this sequence is second to none.
The challenge of mastering the postures will keep you always striving to do your best.


Jenna Elkington


An expert in Fusion Flow  she will lead you into your best posture assisting the novice students as well as challenging the most advanced.
Come to all of her classes and become the best that you can be!

Erin Arena

Erin’s Joy, fun and knowledge will create an amazing Hot 26 experience any time you get a chance to catch her class. Erin teaches the The Hot 26, Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt. Come to her lively classes, you’ll be glad you did!

Elise Gee

Elise is Awesome with a beautiful Spirit and attention to detail. You will Love Elise! She teaches The Hot 26,  Yin and Vinyasa


Lauren Radamacher

For happy muscles, join Lauren’s Active Release Class for self-massage and stretching of those chronically tight muscles. Experience tension release and relaxation. Lauren will also help you build a strong core with her Fusion Sculpt Class. With her knowledge & love of fitness, she will focus on muscle definition and end with restorative yoga to soothe those worked muscles. Lauren Teacher Active Release Yoga and Fusion Sculpt.


Barbara Kizer

Barbara is an Army Staff Sergeant 14 years combat veteran with Military fitness training; but please don’t let that scare you, it just means she knows her stuff! Throughout the various trainings, teachers, coaches, and mentors she has been lucky to have; they have taught her the need for better before and after care of the body. Yoga keeps her mind and body synced and she brings this mindset into her classes.

Barbara loves being able to help others get strong without injury and keep an overall since of well-being. You’ll love her Spirited Class!
Barbara teachers Fusion Sculpt 10:30am on Sunday


Shanti Pastor

Shanti teaches yin as a life philosophy by creating a safe space for students, allowing them to experience mindful practice within. She also has experience teaching in vinyasa, restorative, and breath. She enjoys dancing hula, Tahitian and currently learning belly dance.