Bobby Carpenterbobby

Bobby’s style of teaching is fun yet challenging whether it’s his Hot 26 or  Core Power class, you’ll find time to  laugh while creating those abs of steel and the balance of a ballerina!

2015-08-08-20-28-36Robin Carpenter

Robin will get you going with a rock solid Hot 26 class that’s serious about it’s Bikram Style! Come relax and restore with a beautiful Yin practice ending with the amazing singing bowls. Please join her also for Fusion Sculpt  weekday mornings. Robin Combines Yoga and Spirituality with a pinch of humor and push!

pattiPatti Mueller

Patti teaches The Hot 26 yoga integrating deep knowledge and amazing dialog and alignment techniques. Her expertise in this sequence is second to none. The challenge of mastering the postures will keep you always striving to do your best.


jenna3-copy-3Jenna Elkington

An expert in Fusion Flow  she will lead you into your best posture assisting the novice students as well as challenging the most advanced. Come to all of her classes and become the best that you can be!

                                   Malissa Doe

2015-11-22 09.37.15

As a yoga instructor I want to offer my students an environment that fosters self love. I want to extend any knowledge or experience I have that has enriched my life so that, hopefully, their lives can become saturated by love. I want my students to develop a relationship with their bodies in which they can appreciate and honor their unique selves, and treat it accordingly. Come Join me for Vinyasa and Yin classes.


Erin Arena

Erin’s Joy, fun and knowledge will create an amazing Hot 26 experience any time you get a chance to catch her class. Erin teaches the The Hot 26, Vinyasa and Yin. Come to her lively classes, you’ll be glad you did!

Kerry Cataline

Kerry is an awesome Hot 26 and Yin teacher,  Come get your Yoga on at 6:30pm on Thursday’s with Kerry

Elise Gee

       Elise is our Newest teacher and she’s awesome! Elise teaches The Hot 26,  Yin and Vinyasa